Saturday, November 19, 2005

Democracy for Azerbaijan

Warsaw, 18 Nov 2005

Today the group of Democratic Azerbaijan activists met in front of Azerbaijani embassy in Warsaw demonstrating their solidarity with citizens of Azerbaijan who defend their right to free and fair elections. They collected signatures under the petition against flawed parliamentary elections that took place in Azerbaijan on 6 Nov. The demonstrators hand the petition to the officer of the embassy.

P.S. you can join the action by clicking here to sign the petition:

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

American style democracy machine

The idea of projects like ”Boru art” and “Oil well” is the way of representing of oil business projects in visual contemporary art way. This idea develops in different countries like USA, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Turkey, some European countries, which should turn the art project from national into the international. As Azerbaijan oil suppose to be transferred to the countries listed above at the meantime it suppose to serve for very close political, military, economical and cultural relationship among those countries. But main point is all that kinds of project are supported by “American stile democracy machine”, which makes it all internationally recognizable.
Oil well in the center of downtown as a totem would became the symbol for some peoples hope for future prosperity, for other is remainder of eco disaster. This seams to be a monster which is destroying all cultural values earned by human being since many centuries. At this moment representing oil well as historical and political exhibit seams to be very actual and would reflect real facts from peoples everyday life. It may seam very strong approach in a way of representing the concept in this visual way, but present time and history should be documented as it is. This oil well is the contemporary “Mona Lisa”.
Oil factor considered one of important elements of the history of many countries like USA, Azerbaijan and many others. From that point of view we are the real participants of real history. We are not able to choose history as it becoming the fact of our live. For the future generation present “oil affairs” will seam some historical facts, or even simply history written in the books, which had happened long time before. Now it depended on ourselves how truly, serious and realistic we are able to value our present history and life.

Execution of the idea has to be developed in few stages. First of all the whole project has to be advertised on Medias, on the internet, also on the billboards and etc… Secondly, it has to be chosen right place in downtown. And then main part is installation of the object.
All process has to be video and photo documented at the same time translated on the main local and international media sources.

Sunday, November 06, 2005

Cold November Morning

I woke up before dawn today to the soft sound of rain. The weather's finally turned and outside the rain has caused the leaves to fall. My coop apartment is cold; the heat turns on according to some mysterious calculation of outside temperature compared to inside temperature, or something...

Brings me to the topic: Gas in Chicago is down to around 2.55 a gallon for regular. That's about fifty cents lower than a month ago. I read about sales of SUVs being down as a result of some kind of gas panic, and sales of hybrids correspondingly going up. Will this trend of buying gas-conservative cars continue, or like a pendulum swinging do we just return to center on our way back to the right?

I think my building is conserving on fuel this winter. Do we still have to? Is natural gas still going to be expensive? Should we conserve anyway? My knee-jerk liberal reaction is: of course conserve! My sunroom is cold however... Chingiz, what's it like in Baku?


Saturday, October 08, 2005

The Freedom Well Comes to Cambridge

(Fictional) Press release courtesy of In My Backyard

CAMBRIDGE, Ma, November 3 - U.S. oil giant Unocal, in cooperation with SOCAR (State Oil Company of Azerbaijan Republic), has just completed a two-year search for new oil resources subject to neither the whims of the weather nor those of global politics. The consortium has announced that a small but significant deposit of high-grade crude has been found in an area under Harvard Square. The news has caused oil futures to surge on speculation that there are larger deposits nearby. A proposed oil well in the Mass Ave area of the square is anticipated to gain easy community acceptance through an aggressive marketing campaign spearheaded by In My Backyard, a grassroots citizens group whose mission is to increase awareness of  "...every citizen's patriotic duty... to make small sacrifices in order to ensure a safe, sustainable oil supply for America and the world."

Updated information available: